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Hunt Ethridge Dating Advice

Reader Question

Originally published in The Hudson Reporter Hi Mr. Hunt Ethridge, I am 28 and in real need of some advice on where to start looking to pick up some dates. I am not the bar type of person. I am bit old fashioned. I am more on the conservative side, go to church on Sundays, … Continue reading Reader Question

Hunt Ethridge Dating Advice

Dating 101

Originally published in Women’s Mafia With the weather this past week, we can see Fall peeking around the skirts of Mother Summer. Summer doesn’t officially end until the Autumnal Equinox (that’s September 23rd for all you non-dorks out there) but we all know that once you lock that door for the last time on your … Continue reading Dating 101

Hunt Ethridge Dating Advice

What is dating congruency?

Congruency is a word that most people are unfamiliar with. Scientifically it means a rapport within oneself, or internal and external consistency, perceived by others as sincerity or certainty. What that means is basically that your actions mirror your thoughts and words. An example would be if you are training for a marathon but eating … Continue reading What is dating congruency?