Hunt Ethridge Dating Advice

I am dating a 60 yr old bachelor, we get along fantastic… but he always says, quote “You will kick me to the curb.” I asked why he says that and his answer was he is a realist. So what is he really saying? -Wendy

Dear Wendy,

Well first off, I am glad to hear that you guys are getting along. And then you hear something confusing and odd like, “You will kick me to the curb.” In its simplest form, he thinks he got lucky getting you. He is worried that one day, you are going to realize you are better than him and yes, kick him to the curb. It is his defense mechanism to shield his heart against the pain he’s sure is coming. While it is frustrating, understand that you’ve still got someone who cares a lot about you! The best way to help him lower his shield is just to continue to be your great self, but let him know you are not going anywhere and that you love him. You don’t have to be super effusive, but make sure he gets the sentiment. When he says that again, say something like, “That’s nonsense. You know I care deeply about you and I’m not going anywhere!” It won’t happen overnight, but he’ll start to realize that you do care about him a lot and that anxiety will start to disperse.