Hunt Ethridge Coaching Reviews

“Hunt E is an extraordinary dating coach and I learned so much from him. I’m a physician and although I have an excellent rapport with my patients I have always struggled with shyness in social circumstances. Hunt put me at ease immediately when he told me that he wasn’t really teaching dating skills. Instead, he excels at teaching how to develop social charisma and become a better conversationalist. Charisma is an acquired skill and the best way to build rapport with a complete stranger is to be open, relaxed and have fun. This is the key to meeting new people (and dating). It’s really about story telling, sharing anecdotes and becoming a more interesting person. Hunt is the master of this. He could talk to anyone in any situation. And he can teach you how to do the same. I should also mention that he is an excellent guy and our sessions together were great fun and very relaxed.”

— George W

“Hunt is a Great coach and I wish I found him earlier. I consider myself a pretty attractive and intelligent lady, but somehow have always had challenges with relationships and puzzles I never figured. Hunt’s in depth male perspective has given me so much Aha moments in terms of the male psychology, and what we as women THINK works or have been TOLD works in a relationship vs what REALLY works in a relationship.

I have learned to hold my ground and not being afraid to call out on guys if I’m not treated right, which I rarely did in the past. And I can see how much more RESPECT I have gained from men thus more ATTRACTION. I have also learned the importance of “mirroring” in body language and openness of my gesture, which had immediate effect on men and even in my other social interactions with people.

I love the fact that Hunt genuinely cares, and it shows in his work. He is about really helping women taking our power back, not selling short on ourselves, and how to create FULFILLING relationships we truly deserve. I’m quite a different woman after working with Hunt, and dating and relationship with men has been much easier, more fun and fulfilling for me. I feel very grateful that I have met Hunt as my coach!”

— Jasmine

“Hunt is one of the top male Date Coaches in the relationship space right now.  I have been in this industry for over 6 years, and have come across countless male Date Coaches who have always rubbed me the wrong way; there was always an underlying misogyny that was present when we really broke down their values.  With Hunt, he shares the wholesome values of our company, and is not only reliable, but incredibly professional when he is working with our Clients.  Whether he is working “in field” or in a private session, Hunt has a wonderful personality and attitude, and can work with even the most challenging of Clients.”

Alessandra Conti, owner Matchmakers In The City

“I’ve known Hunt for several years now, and he’s truly one of the most relatable, down-to-earth dating coaches I’ve ever met. I work as his editor at, and the tips he offers in his articles can make you a better person overall, not just a better dater. With Hunt, there’s no generic “follow your heart” advice — it’s can all actually be implemented in real life!

Both his recent articles, How to Break Up With Your Girlfriend and How to Make a Girl Like You articles were great examples of his advice.

They just felt real, you know? Like a real person was saying this and who has been through it.” 

Hayley Matthews, editor-in-chief,

“Over the past several years, I have had Hunt as a guest speaker at my Single in Stilettos events, and on my weekly video/podcast show and video programs for single women.

I have worked with a lot of dating experts both male and female, but Hunt is always one of the first dating experts that I always reach out to.

As a male dating coach, Hunt gives women the male perspective and the inside scoop on what a man thinks and wants at all stages of dating, relationships, sex and marriage.

Hunt’s advice is not only spot on, but he is one of the most effective dating coaches I have ever worked with.

He’s straight forward and gives actionable advice which has helped a lot of my clients completely turn around their love lives and get into long term relationships.”

Suzanne Oshima, owner,

“Thanks for all your advice! Just to let you know I’m now in a happy relationship. Things are going very well. Visiting her parents this Summer. Your advice helped me relax about situations, I was able to come to an understanding that I shouldn’t fret about relationships and I met a beautiful girl in the right place at the right time and well… thanks!”

— Reddit User u/somemos

“I want to truly thank you for working with me. I learned a lot from our sessions, started putting myself out there more, and it bettered my dating experience a lot.”
– Pratik D.