Individual Dating Coaching

Are you ready to start changing your life? Let’s start working together!

So the first question I get is, “What should I expect?”

First off, my approach as a dating & relationship coach is to turn you into the best, most dateable version of yourself. While it may sound a little clichéd, I believe each of us is a diamond. It’s my job to help polish it up, fix some flaws, and brush off the dust. That way, the best you can shine!

While the focus of my coaching is on making someone empirically more dateable, the lessons learned translate very easily into personal and professional lives. The emphasis is on confidence building, leadership, psychology, sociology, conversation skills and more.

If you live in the greater NYC area, my coaching is done in person, 1-on-1. I feel that is the best, most effective way to create change and growth.

Should you live elsewhere, the sessions are all done over Skype and phone.

As change cannot happen overnight, I put together packages with multiple sessions over multiple weeks for each client.

Some of the sessions include, but are not limited to:

1-on-1 Coaching With Hunt
We will sit down and open up your dating life and I will help direct you down the path that will lead to the most growth.

1-on-1 Coaching With a Female Coach
Sometimes it is good to get a second opinion, from a different source. Having both men and women as coaches can offer different perspectives for each sex.

Mock Date
Many times we don’t realize what we are doing that can accidentally be sabotaging our dates. You will sit down with a friendly man or woman and just chat. This way we can pick up any unconscious tics, bad habits or whatnot and help you steer yourself to more successful dates.

Speed Date Crash Course
Consider this learning how to perfect your 30-second elevator pitch. In other words, we teach you to be able to discuss and talk about yourself comfortably while asking questions that foster positive emotions and create bonds, all in a short period of time. You never know when that special moment will arrive and you always want to be prepared for it!

Online Tutorials
Yes, online dating can be frustrating, but usually because people are not utilizing the medium in its best way. I’ll teach you how best to describe yourself, choose the right photos, cast the widest net while learning how to attract the right people.

“Cyrano Package” for Online Dating
While dating is supposed to be fun, sometimes managing your online dating accounts can be draining. I will help alleviate the pain and help maximize your results. I will supply you with lists of possible matches weekly, contact them on your behalf and strike up a conversation. You can take over at any point you wish, from after first contact to planning the date.

Onsite Coaching Sessions
You can’t learn sports from reading a book. You have to get out there and play! A man or woman will take you out for a night on the town. They will be your wingman/woman, your cheerleader, your motivator and your sounding board. Think of them as your personal trainer for social activities!

Improv Session
What is life but improv? Having a session from an improv coach teaches you to trust yourself, to roll with the punches, to realize that everything will work out in the end. It helps lessen the fear of the unknown while simultaneously boosting your confidence.

Style & Image Coaching
Sometimes, we could use a little help polishing ourselves up. This can include simple discussions or an intense half day of shopping and make-overs.

Body Language & Tonality Coach
“I know two languages, Body and English.” – Mae West Body language, both being able to read it and use it, can be hugely important. Many times, it’s not the words or content that has the greatest effect, but the way it’s said. Make sure your body is saying the same thing as your mouth!

Pre- and Post-Date Phone Calls
I’ll help get you warmed up, suggest some conversation topics, questions etc. for pre-date. For post-date, we’ll go over the evening, give some insight and help point out some possible flaws to correct for next time.

“Wine and Wind Down” Events
If you and your friends all have questions on dating, this event is for you. Gather your family and friends for some wine and conversation. I will come to your location and be your personal dating sounding board and coach for an evening. Think of it as a jewelry/tupperware party, just for dating! Whether it’s a fun birthday present or a “pre-game” before going out on the weekends, I will be there to help you with all your dating dilemmas as well as share some, sometimes humorous, stories from the dating world.