tips for a 15 yr old male? very comfortable talking to people i dont know that are guys. don’t really start up convos with girls, but not completely afraid to talk to them. I feel like most girls think I’m weird. Not very confident (as you can see haha) – Gkg14

Be honestly interested in what makes others tick. If you meet someone and they say, “I’m from South Carolina” ask a specific follow up question about it. Instead of saying, “Cool. Gamecocks, huh?” Say, “So what is your favorite thing about SC?” People like to talk about what they like and you will seem like you are interested in them which makes them want to stick around you.

thanks so much! the usual interactions i have with girls r questions about school. How would I ask an interesting question like you mentioned above, or start an interesting conversation? (im TERRIBLE at small talk) – Gkg14

The key is learning how to segue. “That assignment was hard wasn’t it? I mean, it wasn’t as hard as learning to (insert your hobby/sport/second language here). What’s the hardest thing you’ve learned to do?”

“Biology was cool today wasn’t it? It’s amazing to think of all that stuff going on under the ocean. You know, I think if I could choose a dream vacation, it would be at some tropical island. Where would you go?”

thanks! – Gkg14