What is the best thing to say when you are messing a girl on tinder for the first time? Can you please give a few examples? Also, I always get stuck after going back and forth a few times, how can I keep things interesting? How long should I talk before asking for a date? – temp515165151

Basically, any question others aren’t. Stay away from the norms like “What do you do? Where did you grow up? What school did you go to?” She’s heard these questions every. Single. Time she dates someone. Ask questions that have a positive emotional connotation to it. What was the best part of your day? What country would your dream vacation be at? As they answer, they will feel good and thoughts of you and feeling good will start to intertwine.

The interactions should be short, like 2 days or 3 messages back and forth before you ask for a date. That way you WON’T need to keep it interesting. Keep your interestingness for the date itself. Show your confidence by asking on the sooner side.

Thanks. And what is the best way to ask for a date? I usually say something like “do you want to go grab a drink?” Is there anything better that you would recommend? – temp515165151

A lot of times, I would recommend asking them to join you in an activity that you enjoy doing. “Going to watch the game tomorrow. Want to join?” “Going hiking on Saturday. Would love to have a partner.” Also, I tell my clients to do a short, afternoon date for the first one. 1) you’ll see if you like each other before committing to more time and money 2) it will ease her mind that she won’t be worried you’ll ask her to come home with her that night 3) leave her with a good taste in her mouth and a desire to see you again.