Do you ever hear back from people months (or longer) later? Can you give an example of something positive and negative you’ve heard as feedback related to your coaching? Just curious! – Frabjous_Alice

Yes, we occasionally hear back from clients and we love it. A lot even come back for refresher courses.

Best feedback I can think of recently actually from one of our client’s dads! He was a 23 year old Indian immigrant that had just finished college in the US. He went through our program and then a few weeks later, his father came over from India to visit him. I was trepidacious because it’s not a traditional field I’m in. But upon seeing his son’s increased confidence, poise, conversation skills and style, he was over the moon! So much so that he wanted him to go through the whole program again, just to get more out of it! Felt really good.

Negative would probably be from a woman I had a few years ago. I don’t really know why she was paying (a not small sum!) to NOT get anything out of it. She was confrontational and I would say something and she would just say, “No, I don’t agree with that.” Ummm, you came to us, bitch. Seems like she wanted to come only to have us validate her own feelings, which were FUBARed anyway. Other times, I am the head of a team of coaches and sometimes a client just doesn’t mesh with a coach and then ANYthing the coach says, the person resists, so we’ll substitute a different coach.