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How Men Want You to Flirt!

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I love flirting. It’s so much fun! It’s playful and provocative and makes you feel good.

But sometimes, as a woman, it can be confusing. You’re getting conflicted reports of “Make Him Come to You” and “It’s the New Millennium. Go Get Him!”

If you don’t go flirt with him, he may never get up the courage to come talk to you. If you do go flirt with him, is it going to come across as too forward?

So what is the right answer? Short answer: all of it, but do it correctly.

It’s totally OK to go up and flirt with a cute guy you see, but make sure you do it the best way possible. Just follow this little guide and you’ll be just fine!

1. Yes, you can make the first move.

If you see a guy you think is cute, it’s totally fine to go up and talk to him, but make sure you allow him some room to chase you. We always value more what we have to earn than what is simply handed to us.

So go talk to him, and then after a bit say, “Hey, I’m going to go back and talk to my friends (or a different bar). Come talk to me later if you want.”

This accomplishes a couple of things. First, it gives him the opportunity to come and chase you down later and actually put an effort toward seeing you again.

Second, it shows you are cool and interesting enough to have other stuff going on. Lastly, it lets him know you’ll be open to talking to him again, which will make it much easier for him to approach you later.

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