Guest Post – The Image Guide for Dating – Women’s Advice For Men

I have always stressed that Image is a very important factor in one’s personality.  It showcases who you are or want to be perceived as.  There are many quotes on it.  “The man makes the clothes.” “Fake it ’til you make it.”  “The exterior world mirrors the interior world.”

Today, Rachel Esco, a stylish lifestyle writer from Canada give her thoughts and tips on the Image Guide for Dating.

The Image Guide for Dating

Your image is like your wingman.  You both work together to step up your game and confidence, offering the best version of yourself. Once you secure a solid look, one that speaks to your personal vibe, you’ll be better at attracting the interest of women around you. Yet, there’s a catch—appearances can be easily misleading. The wrong haircut or an overdone pair of shoes, can quickly put you into the hostile category of guys to avoid. To ensure you’re making the right image choices, follow this guide based on the female perspective.

The Black Leather Jacket Dude


A black leather jacket guy is stylish and masculine. It gives you that classically rugged look that women love, especially paired with the right set of man jewelry such as hemp bracelets or wooden beads. Yet, proceed with caution. If you pair this outfit with overly metro things, like a tight crotch-grabbing pants, you’ve gone too far. The long windswept Twilight hair doesn’t quite help either—guys who are the sexiest shouldn’t try harder on their appearance than women do— it’s not manly.

The Hedge Fund Suit Guy


If you’re going out in a suit, keep the outfit fresh and trendy. Consider wearing a colored shirt such as pastel pink or blue to add more style, instead of going for the classic black and white theme. Leaving your 5 o’clock shadow is also a plus because it shows your also laid back and approachable, in addition to appearing successful—big win. With this type of ensemble, watch out for super Euro shoes, which risks changing the image from cool to prissy.

The Hipster


The hipster already has a few things working against him. From the snobbishly artsy clothes to the pretentiously nerdy glasses, you’re not exactly the most magnetic aura in the room. Try playing down some hipster features, while still staying true to your personal style. For example, you can choose between the giant beard or glasses, or a handsome pair of designer boots instead of obscure flip flops. With the right balance, you’ll give off a confident yet carefree attitude that’s attractive.

The Bro


The bro in the toque is roughly handsome and mysterious. Pair this look with a fitted v-neck and some facial scruff—and if you’ve got tattoos, show them.  You’re essentially creating that edgy vibe, combined with great style, inviting women to come and know more. Just be careful about growing your hair too long for this look; there’s a fine line between looking effortlessly attractive and having zero effort.

The Guido

Women try to resist him, but he’s the heartbreaker every lady wants to risk her heart for. With his confident attitude and great hair, he’s a winner, plain and simple. The only red flag you should know is the rule about untucked shirts. While you may appear easy-going, your lack of care can also come across as jerky. So, in this case, you should manage your outfit at your own discretion.

When you’re out on the dating scene, image is everything—seduction comes second. Whether you’re out on the town or making your latest dating profile pic, your image is your biggest asset. It sends out the message about your overall attitude and desirability. Location and context is also key. A shirtless guy on Tinder is going to make his dating philosophy quite clear, but an impressive image on BagelMeet or WhoWinkedMe is going to get a lot of positive buzz. Ultimately, it’s all about law of attraction—put good stuff out there and expect the same energy in return.

–Rachel Esco rachel-esco

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