So what is the major differences in suggesting how a man approach a woman from one who is, oh say 16, to one who is 49. These may or may not match up to the ages when I was/am now dating. OK they do. – JungleSumTimes

Sorry (?) to hear you’re dating again. Biggest difference is that when young, being adventurous and spontaneous and energetic is a very attractive trait. Women above 35 really don’t want to to read a profile that makes it seem like the guy has a Peter Pan complex. So many middle aged guys try to sound like their life is amazing and you’re hopping to here and there. Now they are more looking for someone that they enjoy spending time with that has the same type of values.

Also, the OTHER main difference is that if you’re still hitting on 16 year olds, you’re gonna have a bad time! 😉

Hah! good one. I did online once and ended up “meeting” 4 Nigerian males in stock photo drag. So it didn’t seem to me the way to go. It was fun to troll them for a while, but…

Do you think I should give it another go? Is this what most people do? – JungleSumTimes

Yes, and a lot. Do not look at it as THE way to find someone. Look at it as just another forum to meet people in addition to bars, work, friends and others. What I usually suggest is to join one of the main ones (match, eharmony, jdate) and one niche one (geek2geek, dateafarmer, christiansingles). That way you can cast a large net, and a more specific one. But understand you’ll meet the same ratio of assholes, bitches, freaks and liars that you will met in all the other forums. Don’t think it’s indicative of everyone dating online.