So teenager here, and I need a little advice. I currently do online school (homeschool) and am struggling with the fact of my male friends frequently forgetting about me because of me not going to school, and the girls I’m interested in I don’t have any relationship with other than seeing them every now and then. Any advice how to make people remember me and to start a friendship with a girl? – LIVE2KILL

That’s tough dude because school is usually the place that people are social and interact with each other. But one of my best friends did what you were doing. What he did was join the community theatre group. You’ll need to find activities in your town where you can interact with others of your age. Because you are right, a lot of time it’s “out of sight, out of mind.” Other than that, be extremely active on social media so people CAN’T forget you. Also, check out for clubs and activities in your area. If you PM me, I can help you find stuff in your specific area that might be good/fun for you.

I am already looking into a few local activities, but I could be more active on Facebook (haven’t been on in a few months).

I’m also social (I don’t get uncomfortable in social situations) but reserved, and I have a very low voice. Any suggestions how to keep people’s attention when I talk? – LIVE2KILL

The topics and not the volume are what are going to keep people around. Read the book How To Work A Room. It’s a little dated, but has a lot of great tips.

Okay, will do, thanks! – LIVE2KILL