Hey! Awesome post! Do you mind sharing what you specifically studied as an undergraduate/ graduate student? I’m currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology and was interested in this line of work. Good Idea ? Bad Idea? Thanks so much for your time! – steroidwarrior

As undergrad I was acting/scriptwriting. The acting helps with poise, improv and learning how to hear “no” without letting it emotionally affect you. The writing is good because of, well, doing stuff like this. I got my masters for an MBA and I use a lot of business theory like opportunity cost, Six Sigma, data mining and such. If I could go back to school for free, I’d get a pych degree of some sort so I think you are on the right path. Dating is a mix of sociology, biology, psychology and anthropology, so brush up on the other stuff too by reading books.

When we certify coaches, we are looking for experience in some sort of coaching/self-help field first. So we have life coaches, matchmakers, counselors and such that have gone through our program. Not trying to use this platform to make money, but check out our IDCA site about certification if you are interested. (You can PM me also for more info.) But we like to have people with your skill set as additional coaches.