I red The Game of Neil Strauss and although I thought that most of it was bullshit, I’ve been practicing the methods now for over 2 months and every weekend I got another close with another female. But the main problemis: it is not me. I’m just a sweet guy and not some lame doucebag that negs or is offensive against females. But before I red the book, I was to shy to walk and talk to a girl. The confendence part is true, but does negging etc. realy work on girls? Thanks :) – WhereEaglesHaveBeen


Do. Not. Neg. It’s horrible to play with woman’s self-esteem. It’s manipulative, crass, and shows your weakness because you have to rely on “tricks.” In one of my responses below, I mention some other books to read to help. I think that you should almost be like a drug for girls. They feel so good around you that they want to be around you to feel good. Instead of “Where did you grow up” ask “What’s your favorite memory from childhood.” Instead of “what do you do/study” ask “When was the last time your boss/teacher praised you.” You are asking questions that invoke positive emotionally responses in them. We all like to talk about these happy and proud moments in life, but no one really asks about them. Be that guy!