First of all, thanks for doing this IAMA you’re responses have been really sincere and helpful. I’m a 22 (soon to be 23) year old male and I was wondering if you had tips on texting women. I’m a terrible texter and I don’t pick up on texting cues very easily. I’m also confused as to when and what to text when after I get a girl’s number. Are there cues for when a girl is interested in you sexually or romantically? I sometimes come off as too friendly and I feel like it sometimes leads me to getting friendzoned really early in the game. – kentonlin

Text should be made for little comments or observations, not conversations or making plans. That’s what the phone is for. I know, no body really calls each other anymore. But do you WANT to be like everyone else? No. You want to stand out and demonstrate your leadership. After you get her number you can text things like “Was great to meet you! **make a comment on something you spoke about**” That way, you’ve established contact and said something positive. For clues on romantically, if she touches you, plays with her hair, crosses her legs towards you, they are all signs of interest.