I am going on a blind date in two days… 1) What advice can you give for blind dates? 2) What are Classic mistakes newbies make? – Testbot5000

Don’t ask the normal questions. Think about your friends. Does where they are from, what they do or where they went to school affect whether or not you like them? No. What does is what makes them, them. But ask open ended questions with positive answers. “When was the last time your boss praised you? You like being outdoors? What is it about the outdoors that makes you feel peaceful and happy?” It’s not a dating interview. You want to find what makes them happy.

Classic mistakes? The standard ones, don’t bring up politics, abortion, gun control, gay marriage. Also, don’t even THINK of inviting her home, no matter how good it goes. And don’t ask for a second date while still on the first. It can make you seem needy.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes!