(College age here) I’m short and a bit chubby. Because of this I find that a lot of times I go into interactions with girls (at least when it’s not a party or something) in a less than confident manner or I am afraid to make forward moves (like asking them on a date and such). What do you say to someone in my position? One other thing, I saw earlier you said that you don’t believe leagues exist, but I sort of believe they do based on the fact that you rarely see extremely attractive women with mediocre or even unattractive men. – SordidCanary

Confidence is the sexiest thing in the world! I have seen this over and over and over. You SordidCanary, need to not feel uncomfortable about it. Easier said than done, I know. But your thoughts on the last statement are categorically false, in the nicest way possible. Short, balding, fat, not classically attractive guy marries the hottest supermodel of his day. Impossible? Nope!

Women are much more concerned with image, not looks. If you carry yourself well, take the time to dress nice (not dressy necessarily, but just put together), and seem generally interested in a woman, you will succeed more than other “classically good looking” people who can’t get the confidence to approach people. And women almost ALWAYS give you the benefit of the doubt if you sack up and go talk to them. Try it, you’ll be surprised at how NOT horrible it goes. Also remember that each time, you learn more, so you’ll steadily rise. Failure is just a learning opportunity. Hard? Yes. Uncomfortable? Yes. Worth it? Fuck yeah.