Which books would you recommend for a guy in his 20’s to develop better communication with the opposite sex? in terms of dating, meeting for the first time,etc. Thanks for doing this AMA! – vibhuu

No problem! I really enjoy helping people out with this. It’s a lot like pool/billiards. You just start playing and try and figure out the rules and strategies along the way with no real guidance. Umm, for books, to start with, try the original Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus. It can be pandering and simplistic at times, but it really gives a good base insight into men and women and how we communicate. That way you’ll have a good base moving forward. Others: How to Work a Room by Susan RoAne; Flirt Fearlessly by Rachel DeAlto is fun one on basic flirting; for great ideas on actual dates from lavish to free I absolutely love The Little Black Book of Dating Ideas by Buzz Boxx; for a very scientific but fascinating look at evolutionary psychology as it pertains to what is “natural, normal” for humans sexually, try Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan. I suggest these because they will build you a very comprehensive “base” of understanding that will make moving forward much less confusing and it’ll be much easier for you.