Hi! What would be your best advice to women on taking a relationship from “casual dating” to “exclusive” without coming across like you’re looking for a freakin’ engagement ring. It happened to……..a friend of mine o.0 – Aleera

So tough, I know. A lot of guys, before they have a lot of self knowledge are exploring what’s out there. And yes, sometimes, when they hear “exclusive” it CAN sound like a death sentence to them. This is only because they don’t realize that they don’t lose themselves when they get into a relationship. And that takes time to realize. Or, let’s be honest, it’s fun to be young. So having a permissive sexual culture allows us to explore our desires and sometimes, until those experiences are had and enjoyed and passed, they may be looking for the next most interesting thing. I know, didn’t really answer your question but as for advice, if it’s been a couple of months he hasn’t seem more tuned into you and the relationship, it’s okay to have the discussion about where we are going. But when you have it, don’t be accusatory “You don’t know what you want”, instead ask him questions “Are you happy? Do you like spending time with me? Would you like to spend more time?” Hope this rambling helps!