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Why Dating as a Young Professional is Like a Start-Up Business

Originally published on Lavalife

What’s one of the hottest things to be involved with these days? Start-ups! If you’re not part of one, your friends are and they’ve probably been trying to get you to join. It seems as if everyone is getting into the game (including yours truly who may have helped found a few.) People are pouring their time and energy into them as never before leading to many times, less time to date!

Fear not! All of this work on start-ups is actually very similar in code and feel to dating. The go-getter entrepreneur can easily transfer what is going on in his business life to his personal life, increasing his happiness ten-fold.

1. High-Energy Level

When you are working for a good start-up, there’s a palpable buzz. Anything is possible, people are drawing on clear whiteboards, work is going in 20 different directions at once. Going to work actually excites you!

Same with dating. Everything is new and exciting! Your energy actually increases when you’re around the object of your affection. You can’t wait to see her and even after a tough day of idea-ting, you’ve still got enough in the tank for her.

2. Overly Confident

Anyone that starts a business comes in with one clear mantra, “I can do it better.” That is pretty darn confident!

You are eschewing all others that came before you vowing, “I got this.” If you are prepared to work insane hours, make almost no money and possibly risk everything you have, you’d better be confident that it’s going to work out. Now when you see that hottie across the room, you are (probably unknowingly) thinking to yourself, “Out of all the guys that have ever talked to her, she’s not with any. But I think she’ll like me. I’m gonna go talk to her.” Super confident!

3. Willing to Take Risks

A self-funded start-up is the grown up equivalent of “betting it all on black!” Even if it isn’t your own company, just by working for it, you’re taking a big risk. The funding could dry up, the founders could get bored, a competitor launches first, anything! But because of that, there’s a fierce incentive to take calculated (one hopes!) risks.

Everything is always a balance of risk vs reward. The best dating stories I have from my life are always ones in which I went way out on a limb. Sure I had some epic fails, but honestly, I don’t really remember them. However, I do fondly think of the time I asked out First Daughter Chelsea Clinton.

4. Adaptability

One of the things I like best about start-ups is that nothing, including your job duty, is written in stone.

At one of the firms I helped found, my job was marketing director/community manager/content manager/editor/writer/executive producer/hiring manager/account manager/on-air talent/fire putter outer/visionary/journeyman/etc… You have to be ready for anything that comes your way. And your company’s direction may change at the drop of a hat.

Thrilling, exciting and scary all at the same time. Exactly like the dating world! All dating is, is improv. As a young professional you are reacting to what just happened, you’re thinking things are going one way, then BAM, they are going another way.

You’ve got to be quick on your toes. The restaurant you made reservations for a month ago doesn’t have your name. Now what? “Don’t worry honey, I’ve steered my company through worse storms than this!”

5. Passion

This is why we do anything, right? Well, anything we like, that is.

“I’m working 12 hour days, barely scraping by for this new company that is… **shrugs** okay.”– No Guy Ever.

If we are involved, on any level, with a start-up, there’s a reason. It’s never money in the short term, that I can assure you! Most of the time it’s because we believe deeply that this product/idea/process really is the best thing going. And we are so excited to be a part of it.

When we meet someone special, we get super passionate about them. They practically fart rainbows! Passion can tend to makes us blind to the bad but very aware of the positives. This keeps us going and intrigued and excited. Between oxytocin, dopamine, adrenaline and more, we are chemically bonding with a person and, when reciprocated, causes us to feel fantastic! Vive la passion!

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