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Best Summer Date Spots

Originally published on Lavalife

While summer weather may only be here for a short while longer, you’ve still got some time to find someone to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor patios with. In this post, I’ll be talking about some of the best summer date spots so you can soak in that last bit of warmth and sun before it’s gone and you’re stuck indoors.

Picture this scenario: you mustered up the guts to ask her out and she said yes! Now you’ve got to know what to do next, where to go, and where to take her.

Hopefully you don’t ruin your chances of getting a second date by choosing the wrong first date venue. While whether your personalities click or not is the #1 indication of how well your date will go, the date and location of your date is a close #2.

The wrong location can end the date before you even get to show off your personality.

Best First Date Spots

If you want to score a second date, you need to put some serious effort in on the first date. Remember, any place you take her is a reflection of you. So the more interesting the place is, the better it makes you look too.

Do you have to take her somewhere expensive? No! Nothing is worse than looking as if you are trying hard to impress. However, you do have to choose places that look clean, interesting, or posh. It could be an off-the-wall coffee shop or an interesting ice cream eatery. Go somewhere you’ve already been or somewhere you’ve been dying to try.

Subconsciously, when we are familiar with a place, we tend to be more relaxed and in control. This way, it will help you to appear calm and cool.

Outdoor patios are a great place to share a drink or an iced coffee in the heat of late summer. Or better yet, grab an ice cream and go for a stroll through the park or walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

The activity of walking together with someone makes the experience feel more exhilarating rather than remaining stagnate.

A low-key venue like a wine bar or a gelato joint is also a great place to start. Remember, your first date is a great way to “test” whether or not your personalities click. Therefore, you don’t want the distractions of something like a museum or the zoo. Then, there’s one of the easiest pitfalls: taking the girl to dinner on your first date.

Why Dinner is a Bad Idea for a First Date – Anytime of Year

1. Makes for too serious of a conversation. A first date should be FUN. Dinner = Serious.

2. Be thinking of how you’re supposed to be eat…not too slow…not too something in my teeth?! The more ways you give her to count you out, the more likely it will be the last date. Dinner provides an arsenal of elements to be judged on.

3. By seemingly trying too hard to impress her by buying an expensive dinner

Don’t make a first date harder than it should be. With a little coaching magic and a good date spot, you can finally discover the dating life you’ve been waiting for.

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