Dating Differences from Country to Country – Guest Post

Who would have thought that dating scenarios might differ from country to country? It sure isn’t me. What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think about dating? Is it about a walk in the park or maybe a romantic dinner at the restaurant? Or maybe you go further, imagining a beautiful balloon ride. There are so many interesting and fascinating options. I thought that dates all over the world follow the same script but with a touch of originality. However, it turned out, people in different countries have quite another idea of romantic meetings, topics and places where they can be held. Let’s take a journey around the world and learn the differences in dating.

· England

As you know, England is a very prissy country in which traditions are strictly honored. Therefore, you should strictly follow the rules of dating. If you watch the movies about relationships, made in Great Britain, you will understand this country better. Interestingly, the first date is set up exclusively in the middle of the week. People there are used to spending Friday evening with friends, so if you find yourself in Foggy Albion, and you decide to ask a girl out on Friday, she will understand that most likely you do not have friends. The standard spot for romantic meetings is a pub, and you should be ready to pay the bill for the girl. During follow-up meetings, you can share it.

· Australia

As elsewhere, in Australia, guys ask girls out on a date. Nonetheless, locals are not used to generously gifting their potential partner during the first meetings. That is, a girl will hardly listen to compliments about her beauty, she will hardly be taken to the most expensive restaurant, and in general, Australians give gifts very rarely. However, women have already got used to this attitude and often take it for granted. So, if you start behaving differently, you might be considered either a weirdo or as prince charming, everything will depend on the girl you are on a date with.

· Germany

In this country, girls can easily take the initiative and ask guys out on dates. As you know, Germany stands for gender equality, so men do not have any prejudice because of this. You should be ready for the fact that it is a girl who will decide whether she wants to spend time with you and whether the date will end in sex. The most popular places for dates are restaurants or pubs. And if you really like a girl, then you should invite her to the movies. Doing that, you will show the seriousness of your intentions.

· Spain

Spanish girls differ from the rest thanks to their hot temperament. Therefore, men here do not make strategic plans, all the same, nothing will come out of it if the girls don’t want anything with them. In Spain, there are non-verbal signs that you should learn to interpret correctly. If you invite a girl to lunch, you will show that you like her, if you invite her to dinner, you will demonstrate your serious intentions, and if you offer to drink a few cocktails, then you hint on your desire to get to know each other better.

· China

Chinese men are very gallant and are ready to invest in their partners an unlimited amount of money, time and attention. Usually, they come on their first date with a friend, but at the same time, they pay for their date and ask a girl where to spend the second date. Sex on the first date is extremely rare because Chinese

people are convinced that before taking such a serious step, you need to carefully look at each other. The most popular meeting spots are noisy parties, bars or festivals.

· New Zealand

Here, quality sex is considered a reason for a first-date invite. New Zealand girls are leaders in the number of one-night stands. Every second girl in her 30s has already had about 20 sexual partners. In New Zealand, people believe that if partners were good at having sex, then they can meet again.

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