How to Create an Engaging Online Dating Profile

Online dating creates its own set of issues, aside from the whole, you know, dating aspect. For one, you have to self-promote, which can be difficult for some people. Also, you need to be able to write and express yourself well. And that might not be one of your particular talents. Add to that the fact that many people only take a few seconds to glance at your dating profile, and you really need to make sure your dating profile is in top shape.

Create an Engaging Online Dating Profile

Know How To Use Your Tools

Online dating is like walking into a gym. Yeah, sure, you can try to figure out the best way to use the machines on your own without help, but you’re not going to get the most out of them unless you speak with some who knows how to use them best. It’s the same with online dating. People get burned out, because they’re not using the tools they need, to the best of their ability.

Create the Right Username

Your username is going to be the first thing that a potential date will use to identify you. So make sure it’s pronounceable in their heads. A username like “Khydox54312” can’t be said in your head easily, so it makes it harder to create a bond with that person. Also, it doesn’t say anything about you; it’s a non-sequitur. Make your username reflect your personality a bit. “HikingGoddess” and “Travel4Life” are descriptive and you learn something about the person behind the name.

Make Sure Your Picture Game is Strong

I will discuss how to choose the right picture in another post, but I wanted to make sure to mention a few things. Only use 3 – 4 pictures. Less, and people think you’re hiding something; more and you remove the mystery with oversharing. Also, do not caption the photos. Let them speak (or not speak) for themselves. It gives somebody a reason to contact you. “I saw you holding a penguin. How did THAT happen?!”

Have a Short, Sweet and Descriptive “About Me” Section

Don’t write a novel. Don’t write about what you’re looking for. Write about you but avoid listing. It’s better to write about one or two things in detail than try to mention as many things as possible. Anyone can say they love to travel. Instead, write about your 1 or 2 favorite travel experiences. The “why” is always the most important thing in describing yourself to someone else.

Fill Out All of the Fields

Nothing is more off putting than reading someone’s profile, “Sup. You want to know about me, just email me.” You are demonstrating that you just don’t care enough. Sure, most people won’t read all of it. But showing that you’ve taken the time and effort to fully fill it out shows that you’re committed to this endeavor and are more likely to see things through.

Creating an online profile can be an intimidating task, but it truly doesn’t need to be. Take these tips and tricks to enhance your profile in positive ways. First impressions are important, so make sure yours counts!

Originally published in AMansQuest

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