The Matchmaking Business Academy is Training the Dating Experts of Tomorrow

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Carmelia Ray and Hunt Ethridge have been colleagues in the dating industry for over 10 years, and they have complementary skill sets and business approaches. Carmelia is a celebrity matchmaker who pairs busy singles on dates, while Hunt is a dating coach who specializes in helping single men make a good first impression.

Both Carmelia and Hunt are passionate about helping people find love. Their dating services promote relationship readiness and empower individuals to take control of their romantic futures.

Now these two experts have teamed up to inspire other matchmakers and coaches to follow their lead. The Matchmaking Business Academy offers training sessions and mentorship programs for aspiring dating professionals who want to establish or have established their own matchmaking business.

Three Certification Levels to Support Entrepreneurship

Professionals in the dating industry often have to make up their business plan and adapt to client needs as they go. It can be a challenging prospect to face alone. That’s why Carmelia and Hunt entered the training game to ensure today’s up-and-comers have the resources they need to thrive in the industry.

“We wanted to make sure that we could help people in all stages of their careers,” Carmelia said. “From people asking us how to start, how to move it from a side hustle to a business, or how to launch onto the international stage.”

Whether the dating professional is just starting out or looking to transform a boutique business into an international brand, the Matchmaking Business Academy has step-by-step guides to foster future growth and opportunity.

“We wanted to make sure we can help everyone, provide mentorship, and be a resource,” Hunt explained.

The Matchmaking Business Academy offers three certification levels. The first level walks newcomers through what it takes to open a matchmaking business and attract new clients. It is an introductory course that tells professionals what to expect when starting out in the industry. Book a call to learn more about the training sessions available.

The second level of certification is exclusively for matchmakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs who already have an established business. This program focuses on cultivating the business skills it takes to grow from a one-person operation into a profitable firm with a reliable database.

Finally, the third level speaks to the top echelon of dating professionals. Its mission is to help small businesses expand into a national or international powerhouse.

“These master classes will connect you with the top thought leaders in all aspects of love and business,” Carmelia said. “Only for those ready to take over the world.”

Industry Authorities Share Their Knowledge With New Leaders

The Matchmaking Business Academy has a solid foundation of industry knowledge upon which to build. Hunt and Carmelia have become world-famous for their love insights, and they have created resources to share the secrets of their success.

Hunt Ethridge got his start as a New York City dating coach over 10 years ago after a suggestion from his therapist. His goal was to help single men learn the core dating and relationship skills they need to win a person’s heart. He puts great emphasis on confidence-building exercises, conversational skills, and style consultations.

“He is a leader who is knowledgeable on all things dating and relationships,” according to his bio. “With a warm and down to earth personality, he has a way of connecting with even the most challenging clients. He offers clients strategic tools and key strategies to use during the dating process.”

Throughout his career, Hunt has worked individually with clients from all types of backgrounds. Some have never been on a date or in a relationship before, while others are stuck in toxic or self-sabotaging patterns. Hunt has also partnered with online dating companies, dating coaches, and matchmaking firms to bring greater knowledge and personalized help to everyday individuals.

Hunt has founded three dating companies, including the International Dating Coach Association. He consults for online dating companies and is on the board of directors for others. As a prolific advice columnist, he has written over 300 advice articles. He has also been asked to speak at conferences for the Matchmaking Institute, iDate, Global Dating Institute, Chase bank, his alma maters, and the Mensa Institution. After all of that, he decided to team up with his friend and colleague Carmelia to educate other professionals on the best practices in the matchmaking field and the reach and power of the new social medias, including Clubhouse.

Since 1992, Carmelia Ray has interviewed over 65,000 singles about their dating challenges, and her private matchmaking firm has helped over 7,000 clients on the road to love. She has partnered with major dating companies, including, Instant Chemistry, and Lava Life. Carmelia has also made a name for herself as a TV personality by appearing on “Mom Vs. Matchmaker,” “The Real Housewives of Toronto,” “Love Goals,” and other reality shows.

As a media expert in the dating industry she has appeared on hundreds of major outlets, including CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, HLN, CBC, Business Insider, and The New York Times. She was voted the top dating coach in 2020 at the iDate awards.

“With decades of experience and a tireless enthusiasm for online dating and matchmaking, Carmelia has established herself as the go-to attraction expert when elite singles are ready to find, attract, and connect with Mr. or Ms. Right,” according to her website.

Carmelia takes a concierge approach to matchmaking and works with high-powered singles who are ready to invest in the search for a quality relationship. As a serial entrepreneur and celeb matchmaker, she has blazed her own trail in the dating industry and now hopes to show others how to do the same.

On Sunday June 6th, Carmelia emceed the world’s first Clubhouse wedding on behalf of a couple who met during one of her matchmaking stages. Natasha Grano and Michael Graziano chose Carmelia to officiate their wedding, which had over 26,000 attendees and a star-studded bridal party featuring the likes of JaRule, John Asseraf, Grant Cardone, Forbes Riley, and Jim Quick.

The Matchmaking Business Academy Helps Professionals Grow

Carmelia Ray and Hunt Ethridge both have well-established reputations in the dating industry. Together, they offer an impressive range of business advice and support through the Matchmaking Business Academy. This new venture promises to inspire newcomers, entrepreneurs, and rising stars across the matchmaking world.

The Matchmaking Business Academy offers online courses that break down the essential qualities, habits, and strategies of a successful matchmaker.

Carmelia told us that she’s constantly networking with professionals who want to pick her brain or ask for her mentorship, so it seemed a natural next-step to open a training resource for tomorrow’s business leaders.

Looking ahead, Carmelia and Hunt expect to see signups increase as more dating professionals see the fast-growing opportunities in the market and get serious about their business prospects.

“Right now there is a tidal wave of interest in matchmaking and dating,” Hunt told us. “I believe 2021 is going to be the year of the matchmaker!”

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