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Summer in the City

Originally published in The Hudson Reporter

No shore house? No problem!

So, most of your friends are out of town for the weekends at the Jersey Shore, the Hamptons, Dewey Beach in Delaware, or one of the dozens of lakes in New Jersey. During the week, they regale you with IMs, texts, emails, wall posts, etc…of all the lovely people they have been meeting. Meanwhile, you have been sitting at home wishing you were where all the fun was happening and love connections were igniting.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, look around you at all of the fun stuff and great places to meet people close to home!

For those of you without a car, like yours truly, Zip Car offers a great way to escape the metro area for very reasonable fees! I’ll refrain from regressing into an infomercial, but if you can get to Hoboken or Jersey City, there are dozens of cars available for little day trips. Hoboken also just introduced HertzConnect for a similar experience.

Most people in the country would LOVE to be where you are!

Even if you can’t do that, our bus system will get you around pretty easily. For a fun day of eating, shopping, and fun, head to the Plaza at The Meadows in Secaucus. Start off with lunch at any of their fun restaurants. Follow up with a matinee movie in the nice cool AC of the movie complex. Do a little shopping afterwards, grab some sushi for dinner, and head over to Herbert’s Billiards and play some pool or have a drink while watching the current NYC-team’s game.

If you’d rather be out with grass and trees, check out the many parks around. Liberty State Park is easily accessible and there are plenty of events going on there throughout the summer. Personally, I’d take a little bit longer of a trip and bring your date up to Palisades Interstate Park a little bit north in Alpine, near the GWB. They have cycling lanes, fishing spots, picnic areas, guided hikes and scenic overlooks. It’s a great way to spend the day and being around that green really refreshes the soul.

If you’re looking for places to meet that special someone, Hoboken is the place to be. With dozens of bars, pubs, lounges, clubs, dives and hot spots, you can find just about any vibe you’re in the mood for. If you want to get all dolled up and meet some sexy singles, try Madison’s for the bar scene, Lana Lounge if you’re more into clubs, and Nine for a great lounge-y feel. Maxwell’s and Whiskey Bar are great for live music and there are plenty of pubs ready for relaxing in outside seating and casual atmosphere. Everybody that is out is also in your same boat, so I’m sure everyone is willing to have a good-natured bitch session.

If summer’s not summer without putting on a swimsuit and getting wet, head over to North Bergen. They have a fantastic pool complex complete with a spray park, community pool, and volleyball courts. Only one year old, the complex has won an award from the NJ Parks & Recreation Association for being, well, awesome! Pack a lunch and make a day out of it. Or you can hop over to Tapas De Espana for some great Spanish tapas. I mean, since they won the World Cup, we should all be a little Spain-happy now!

There are so many more things within and close to Hudson County to do, whether you are taking a current flame or looking for a new one. Summer makes everyone happier (except when it’s 100+ degrees outside, ugh) and most people would love to have someone to share it with. Don’t bemoan the fact that you are “stuck” here. Most people in the country would LOVE to be where you are! Just do a little research about your local area and I guarantee that you’ll find some great places and fun activities. Then you’ll get to brag to your friends about the hottie you found right next door!

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